List of the Best Video Editing Software of 2017

Video editing is the integration of different video shots and effects. It’s often used to give films, movies, and TV advertisements a structured flow. Moreover, video editing is significant in production because it can:

  • Remove unwanted clips
  • Rearrange sequences
  • Apply filtering
  • Add effects, transitions, and music
  • Add video watermark
  • Set the pace, tone, and mood of the video

Video editing was a tedious task when the first videotapes were released during the 1950s. In order to rearrange and connect sequences, the tapes had to be physically cut, and the appropriate parts put together. After two decades, CMX 600 was released. It was the first video editing software that didn’t need to alter the tape physically in order to rearrange a clip.

Over the years, several video editing software programs were developed, and people can now do video editing on their personal computers. Now there are hundreds of available editing programs on the market, and it’s hard to compare them all.

Check out the list below for the pros and cons of the best video editing software of 2017.

2017’s Best Video Editing Software

Corel Video Studio Pro X10.5

Price: $63.99

OS:    Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit recommended)


  • Wide pool of creation tools – It supports 360 degree video editing, stop-motion animation, and portrait videos.
  • Friendly UI – New users of the application can easily understand the buttons and functions because of the minimalistic user interface.
  • Motion tracking – It can analyze object movements in the video, and users can utilize this feature to add texts or effects that follow the object.


  • Limited overlay – It can only generate up to 20 video overlays. It’s enough for amateur users, but for professionals, having limited overlays can decrease the quality of their output.
  • Limited effects – It doesn’t support searching for plugin effects or media. Users have to rely on the predefined effects in the software.
  • Slow rendering – Compared to its competitors, it has the slowest rendering speed.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Price: $239.99

OS:   Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit recommended)

MacOS X v10.13


  • Powerful paste effect – It facilitates faster editing by allowing users to copy and paste effects from one clip to another.
  • Update sync settings – It lets users browse and integrate projects in less time than other similar software.
  • Part of Adobe CC – Adobe CC handles quick launches and updates of Adobe products. Users can also download fonts and assets from CC and import them into Premiere.
  • Updated features – It has trending functions such as custom markers, multicam angles, stabilization, etc.


  • Occasional crashes – Since Adobe utilizes versioning, it’s expected that bugs and glitches will occur in their recent release. These problems will be fixed in the next version.


Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate

Price: $129.95

OS:     Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit recommended)


  • Attractive interface design – Its interface is patterned to look professional and its functions are easy to learn and remember.
  • A multitude of video effects – It has the highest number of available effects among its competing editing software.
  • Upload on social media – it has the ability to directly upload videos to Facebook, YouTube, Box, and Vimeo.


  • Graphics hardware problem – It doesn’t run smoothly on AMD graphics hardware, and rendering takes a while.
  • Missing features – It doesn’t have updated features such as 4K UHD support, 360 degrees edit, etc.



People have a hard time picking the best video editing software because they’re always after the perfect one. But there is no perfect editing software, because there’s always an opportunity cost in every dominant feature in software. For example, slow-rendered outputs tend to have better quality than fast-rendered outputs. Analyze the pros and cons, and choose the software that benefits your current work.



Author: Videoscope

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  1. Tried out Adobe Premiere Pro and it’s really worth the price! Awesome tool for video editing! Post a Reply

  2. Need to try that Adobe Premiere Pro one. Seem expensive but I think I can use it well in my video editing works. Post a Reply

  3. Would love to use that Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate if they update their software. Post a Reply

  4. If you are still have enough knowledge how to use the video editing software, there are available software for beginners that are cheaper in price such as Nero, Lumen5, etc. Post a Reply

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