Video Marketing and Why Your Business Needs It

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. If that’s the case, how many words is a video worth? That would be a lot.

That’s why video is a much more effective advertising medium compared to text and pictures. This is more so nowadays when marketing has gone beyond the print and broadcast platforms, and into the vast Internet cloud. So, why is video marketing important for your business?

You Can Explain Your Product or Service More Clearly

A video is like pitching your offerings personally and simultaneously to a lot of people. And with more videos being published on social media networks like Facebook and YouTube, the audience just got much bigger. This is your opportunity to market your products or services to a wider demographic.

Videos Are Easier to Remember

According to studies, 4 out of 5 people will remember online video ads they see. This figure is much lower for print ads. The Internet is a noisy and crowded market. Twitter posts and blogs might not be enough to make your brand stand out from the competition. Video marketing can help you do just that.

Just take a look at these epic examples of video marketing.

Videos Are More Enticing

Advertising may have gone online and there are more prospects available for you to capture. But admittedly, online selling is still a tough job. To survive and prosper, a marketing plan is required, and it should include publishing video content. A study shows that half of the people who see a video ad are enticed to buy the product being advertised.

Reach Mobile Users

There was a time when access to the Internet was restricted to personal computers or laptops. Soon enough, the need to make data access more portable ushered in the birth of smartphones. You see people with their faces stuck to their phone screens.

The attention span of these mobile users is also longer compared to desktop users, giving you more time to talk about your offerings. You can even target specific audiences through preference driven and location specific video ads.

Higher Ranking in Search Engines

google logo

The Big “G”

Google owns two of the world’s biggest search engines – Google itself, and the video content repository and social media network YouTube. Using both venues and incorporating traditional and video SEO techniques, you crank up your search engine ratings. Most people searching the Internet are only interested in the first two pages of the search engine results, and video marketing can help your website land on these important couple of pages.

With all these benefits you can gain from engaging your target audience through video marketing, it’s easy to see how cost effective it is compared to print and broadcast ads.



Author: Videoscope

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