Creating Videos: Is it the Future of Content Marketing?

Due to the advent of the internet, the rules have changed. People are now more interconnected, and customers are changing when it comes to their buying habits. Businesses need to adapt to the times to stay competitive.

Now, businesses use video marketing as a way to reach out to new customers. However, you might ask, “Why video marketing?” “Why not use other media?” and “How exactly can video marketing benefit my business?”

If these are the questions that you have in mind, read on to find the answers. If not, read anyway; you might learn something new about video marketing.

Top Reasons Why Videos Are The Future of Content Marketing

One of the ways that make videos special over other forms of media is that it promotes brand recall. According to HubSpot, 80% of customers remember a video that they’ve watched over a month ago. Customers are able to remember videos easier, because both their visual and auditory senses are engaged.

Since they can both see and hear your video, it’s easier for them to remember the product or service that you’re marketing. Aside from that, if the customers are engaged and enjoy the videos that you put out as part of your marketing, they also share it on their own sites that would expand the reach of your product online.

When you have videos as part of your marketing plan, it can help you boost your search engine optimization (SEO) over other forms of media online. Around 65% of businesses visit the marketers’ websites after seeing their videos online. This is because of the visual and auditory component found in videos.

Consumers want to actually see the product or service that you offer before deciding on their next course of action, and videos provide them with the information that they need to encourage them to conduct business with you. This statement is proven true by Hubspot, who stated that 39% of businesses contact a vendor after seeing their video.

Finally, video content performs well on all devices. This is because the size of the video can be adjusted to the size of the screen. Aside from that, other forms of media might be a struggle for smaller devices. For example, it might be easier to watch a video than read text on the small screen of a smart phone.

Since video content performs well on all devices, you would have a wider market for your product, and allow your videos to be user-friendly and consumer-focused.

Now that you have learned what makes videos special over other forms of media, how can you actually earn money from video marketing online?

First, you can earn from video marketing through direct sales. Direct sales happens when your customer sees your video and they click on a link to be directed to your website where they can make a purchase. This is similar to what you do in a store, but you do it online instead.

Another way you can earn is through platform advertising. This is about getting advertising money for views.

This type of advertising is best used if your video is very shareable. This is because the amount that you earn depends on the number of views that you get. Basically, the higher the number of views for your videos, the more you earn using platform advertising.

Finally, you can earn from the traffic that you generate with your video. If a video gets someone to your site, even if they don’t buy your product, your business can still profit because it can lead to higher traffic to your website. Having higher web traffic will allow you to rank higher, which can lead to even more traffic and sales for your business.

Today’s landscape has changed, and videos now serve as the future of the marketing world. Video marketing can be very effective for a business if done properly.

So, what are you waiting for? Create a video to share your business with the world. You never know the rewards you can reap by doing so.

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